The 2017 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is almost upon us!

Thousands of people will be gearing up and heading to Sturgis, South Dakota, August 4th-13th, for this annual event. Whether you are attending the Rally for the first time or you go back year after year, the contests are always an exciting part of Sturgis Week. To keep things interesting, they have added a few new contests this year that you should definitely check out!

Street Food Throw Down

The food at the Rally is always amazing, and it takes hundreds of awesome vendors every year to keep everyone fed. Because street food is so popular at the event, a brand new contest honoring food in all of its glory has been added.

Welcome the Street Food Throw Down! This contest is all about the street food vendors at the Rally. A panel of celebrity judges will be choosing the winner, and those of you not participating can just enjoy the delicious dishes you encounter.

Interested? Learn more about the Street Food Throw Down.

Tuesday Tattoo Contest

There is no shortage of amazing (and not so amazing) tattoos at Sturgis. Regardless of public opinion, if you think you’ve got the best tattoo around you won’t want to miss out on the Tuesday Tattoo Contest on August 8th.

A panel of judges will score tattoos in multiple categories including size, arm sleeve, leg sleeve, oriental, horror, traditional, and many more! Winners can look forward to cash prizes, gift certificates, and other great prizes.

Beard and Mustache Contest

The Sturgis Rally will be the official qualifier for the 2017 National Beard and Mustache Contest. If you’ve got a unique, fascinating, or just an overall great beard or mustache, you won’t want to skip this contest on August 9th!

Participants will be judged in a number of different categories. With awesome “beard groups” like Papa Beard, Baby Beard, Beer Soakin’ Mustache, and Double Dapper, you will want to attend this event even if you don’t enter your own facial hair.

The winner will have the opportunity to be entered in the National Beard and Mustache Contest taking place in Los Angeles, California in November of 2017.

If you’re making last minute plans to join in the fun at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally or if you just haven’t gotten around to finding accommodations, you’re in luck! Spearfish Canyon Lodge still has a few rooms available during Rally Week! Explore rooms or book your stay today!

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