If you’ve been holding off on planning a winter getaway to the Black Hills of South Dakota, think again! While the snow and cold can cause a little discomfort, the rewards far outweigh the occasional uncomfortable moment. Besides, you can warm up with a hot chocolate and get cozy by the fireplace at the Lodge after a day of exploring! Can’t get enough of winter? You will fall in love with the massive amounts of snow, excellent recreation, and great opportunities to relax and unwind!

Here are 3 places in the Black Hills that get even more magical during the winter months.

Spearfish Canyon


As one of the most gorgeous destinations in the Black Hills (and the entire world), Spearfish Canyon boasts the ultimate winter wonderland. Whether you want to spend a day exploring the streams, waterfalls, and forests beneath the massive canyon walls on a snowmobile or by foot, it doesn’t get much more enchanting than Spearfish Canyon. Enjoy the peace and quiet on a pair of snowshoes, or venture down pristine trails via snowmobile with a group of friends or family. At the end of the day, relax in an outdoor hot tub with your favorite beverage at Spearfish Canyon Lodge or indulge in your favorite meal at the Latchstring Inn.

Mount Rushmore


This iconic monument is a must-see year-round, but when the winter months bring a little snow, it becomes just that much more majestic. Marvel at the 60-foot faces of Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt, and Lincoln before taking a short hike and visiting the museum.

Custer State Park


The beautiful landscape of Custer State Park is something that should be seen during all four seasons. However, add a little snow to the granite peaks, rolling hills, and glistening lakes, and you have a picture-perfect setting. It doesn’t hurt that the wildlife here is amazing, and just in case you were wondering, the safari tours still operate during the winter months so you don’t have to miss out on the buffalo!

Ready to start planning your winter getaway? Check out the cozy accommodations at Spearfish Canyon Lodge!

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