Ready to be on top of the world? The 76 Trail offers breathtaking panoramic views of Spearfish Canyon.

Located right across from the Spearfish Canyon Lodge parking lot, the 76 Trail is a short yet steep hike that leads you to the rim of gorgeous Spearfish Canyon. While the climb can be a challenge, the views at the end are well worth the effort.

At one time, this trail was part of the 16-mile historic mining trail that ran through Spearfish Canyon. Potato Creek Johnny, famous for finding an enormous gold nugget during the Gold rush, was said to have frequented this Black Hills trail.

The hike is 1.2-miles each direction and there are several benches along the trail if you need to stop and take a breather. Buzzard’s Roost is your final destination at the top, and you will want to be sure you have your camera to capture the jaw-dropping views! There is a railing at the top so need to worry about slipping. Take your time marveling at the beauty of Spearfish Canyon before making your way back to the trailhead. Fall is an extremely popular time of year to take this popular hike as the colors here are spectacular.

After you finish the 76 Trail and catch your breath, consider wandering across the street and checking out Roughlock Falls!

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