Spearfish Falls is one of Spearfish Canyon’s greatest gems. This beauty is not only picture-perfect, but it’s an important part of the Canyon’s history.

In the early 19th century, this was one of the most popular tourist stops in the area. Why? Because the Burlington Railroad line took it’s passengers directly over the top of the falls (you can still find remains of the tracks today). In 1917, Spearfish Creek (the source of Spearfish Falls) was diverted over to a hydroelectric plant where it powered the Homestake Gold Mine. This continued until 2003, making this gorgeous spot somewhat of a secret gem in the area.

Today, visitors can access the trail to Spearfish Falls directly behind the historic Latchstring Inn. After a .75-mile walk through the forested canyon and across the creek, the 47-foot waterfall will come into view, and what a sight! There’s a sturdy viewing platform in front of the falls, perfect for snapping a few pictures, and plenty of room to spread out and enjoy this dreamy waterfall.

This is the perfect shady retreat in the warmer months, and the frozen falls are no less magical during the winter!

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