Often considered one of the most gorgeous destinations in the Black Hills, Roughlock Falls is a dream setting for visitors and locals alike. Fed by Little Spearfish Creek, the creek plunges down a deep chasm creating a jaw-dropping multi-tiered waterfall.

The trailhead for Roughlock Falls is just a short walk from Spearfish Canyon Lodge. Multiple walking paths, trails, and catwalks are available for exploring the canyon, taking in the sights, and marveling at the falls. The main trail (roughly 2 miles in and out) is handicap-accessible so everyone in the family can enjoy this beauty.

On your way to the waterfall, don’t forget to take in your surroundings! The massive limestone walls of Spearfish Canyon reach far above you towards the sky while the creek meanders through the marsh and ponds. Early in the day, this path is excellent for some much needed shade during the summer months. Once you reach Roughlock Falls, you will want to take your time snapping a few photos and just relaxing and soaking in the sights and sounds.

There are multiple restrooms and fantastic picnic spots at the parking lot near the trailhead. This area is also popular for bird watching (especially the American Dipper), fishing, and wildlife viewing. If you love fall foliage, you will want to make a special trip to Roughlock Falls during autumn for the spectacular colors!

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